4 Stats that Prove People Would Prefer to Message Retailers than Call Them

In the aftermath of the release of our messaging feature, we thought we best back up our chat (so to speak) with some hard facts. 4 to be precise. In this ‘Inside Booodl’ video, George looks at the trends in texting and customer service, to see if instant messaging is indeed our preferred method of communication. Who has time to call anyway?

Have a watch and share your thoughts in the comments below!

64% of people would rather text message than call for customer service.

Businesses can’t ignore the power of communicating with customers via text or messaging apps. Traditionally, call centres are the service hubs, but they’re costly, notoriously frustrating experiences and customers want to be able to reach out on whatever channel is convenient for them.

81% of people are frustrated by being tied to a phone or computer.

I think that’s one we can all relate to! Just look at the emergence of companies offering chat as an option:

  1. Haptik – the mobile messaging assistant that lets you receive real-time support and information for over 200 international companies like American Express, BMW and British Airways.
  2. Path Talk – message and get information from any local business.
  3. Hello.de – a customer service portal that answers your customer enquiries through Whatsapp.
  4. Magic – need something done or delivered? Just text magic!

86% will pay more for better customer experiences.

We get that. The latest version of Booodl, in the App Store & Google Play to download now, includes a new messaging feature that lets you chat directly with stores from within the app. Test it out and see if a store has what you want in stock, in the right colour or in your size.

52% of consumers abandon online purchases if they can’t find a quick answer.

This is a big deal for the retail space. Through Booodl users can get an answer quickly: happy customer, happy retailer! Customer service is key, and communicating via multiple platforms (including mobile) is the future.

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