5 Need-to-Know Retail Updates

It’s that time of the week again – no, not House of Cards time (but while we’re on the topic, Frank Underwood, how we’ve missed you) – the time of the week where we bring you the latest updates in retail. With the recent Future of Retail event we can assure you that there is a stack of it, so let’s get cracking.



1) Future of Retail

So you don’t have to read up on every bit of news that emerged from the event, we suggest checking out Ryan Fowler’s blog post – he provides a great summary.  Retail tech will be focusing on three areas over the next few years; Artificial Intelligence, In-Store Service at Home and Gesture Marketing. However, without a doubt the most exciting thing to come out of the event was Topshop’s virtual reality catwalk! Here’s the post: http://goo.gl/67JWdC

2) Apple Watch 

Everybody is going crazy about the Apple Watch and while you may be sick of it clogging up your newsfeed – it’s undeniably a very cool little gadget. Connectivity is at its core, making it easy for users to keep on top of appointments, make calls and track fitness. But they ain’t cheap – it’s been announced that the high end model will set you back a whopping $14,000: http://goo.gl/uu1zS7

3) Apple Pay

Apple is dominating the retail sector at the moment – the global giant’s contactless payment system, Apple Pay, has experienced exponential growth and is now supported in over 700,000 locations; considering it only launched 3 months ago, that’s very impressive growth! It will also be integrated into the Apple Watch, extending its capabilities and eliminating the need for credit cards: http://goo.gl/AKHHMf

4) Membership is key to success 

Retail Dive has posted a very interesting piece exploring the different forms of membership retailers offer to build their customer base and encourage returns. While stock standard membership is one offer, retailers can also employ loyalty programs, flash-sale membership and paid membership – offering perks such as free shipping and discounted prices: http://goo.gl/6WXVnE

5) Paypal to increase cybersecurity 

In order to increase cybersecurity and improve their predictive threat detection, Paypal is acquiring Israeli cybersecurity firm CyActive. With online payment systems on the rise, it seems the company is setting themselves up as the leading secure platformhttp://goo.gl/k2QseG

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