5 Bits of Need-to-Know Retail News

Today we bring you another big announcement from Pinterest, the arrival of Harrolds and an update from the The White House itself. No rest for the wicked!


1)  Apple Pay gets White House backing 

Apple Pay has received major endorsement from the US government, with the White House recently announcing that Apple, Visa, MasterCard, Comerica Bank and the U.S. Bank are committed to working together to make Apple Pay a ‘tokenized, encrypted service, available for users of federal payment cards, including DirectExpress and GSA SmartPay cards.’  http://goo.gl/E1ylfe

2) Contextually-driven actions & the future of retail

Sick of your friend’s brutally honest opinions on what not to buy? A recent article by PSFK says that shopping companions will be succeeded by the mobile, aided mostly by contextually-driven actions. Mobile Sensor technologies such as geo-location and in-store beacons work to create a highly connected, immersive shopping experience and these are just a few examples of the technologies in play. Recent findings indicate that 54% of customers would end their relationship with a retailer should they not be given a customised shopping experience with relevant content and offers – this is the future of retail. It’s a very interesting read: http://goo.gl/Z52bkP

3) DJs is on a roll 

David Jones has had a very good year it seems. With retail spending up, they’re planning on opening more boutique-style stores across Australia over the next five years, as well as investing $30 million to improve existing stores and service. A fun fact we didn’t know: the festive season accounts for 75% of their profits! http://goo.gl/1rFCE6

4) Pinterest scraps affiliate links 

In a move  that coincides with their buy button announcement, Pinterest has banned all affiliate links from their network. This decision will make it near impossible for top pinners and bloggers to earn revenue from external channels, giving the social network sole power over monetisation. Time will tell whether this move will pay off: http://goo.gl/6LvMJr

5) Harrolds to hit Sydney 

Ladies, get excited – luxury menswear store, Harrolds, is opening a department store catering to women in Sydney Westfield. The store will feature brands that epitomise style and excellence: Lanvin, Balenciaga, Tom Ford, Acne, Alexander McQueen, to name a few…this is big news for the Sydney fashion scene! http://goo.gl/KGyLEc

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