The 5 Key Actions on Booodl It

We’ve got some big plans over the next few months to help you remember and buy the things you want in the most seamless way possible. The first part of that was getting as many retailers and products as possible on the platform (we’ve currently got over 1,300 Sydney stores and more than 160,000 products!).

We’ll always be updating and adding to those numbers, but now we’re focusing on what comes next. There are five main actions you take on the Booodl It app: capture, check-in, connect, communicate and transact. In this short video, Booodl’s Founder and CEO, George Freney, talks you through the basics.

  1. Capture – to literally ‘capture’ something you want by taking a photo, typing the product name, scanning a barcode, or snapping a pic of something from a magazine. You see it, you want it, you capture it. While you can currently search
  2. Check-in – what next? You check that product in. That means you’ve signalled your intent to buy it and we’ll let you know when it’s stocked nearby.
  3. Connect – whenever anything on your list may be available nearby, we’ll connect you with the retailer and you can decide if it’s the right time to buy it or not.
  4. Communicate – when you receive a notification from Booodl It (i.e. ‘connecting’ with a retailer) you can chat directly with them to see if they have the specific size/colour/style you’re after.
  5. Transact – eventually, you’ll even be able to purchase what you want then and there, and head in store to pick it up when convenient.

What do you think? We love hearing from you all, so send your feedback on through or leave a comment.

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