5 Need-to-Know Updates from the Retail World

An app to help you buy indie books nearby, upcycled luxury designer goods and retailers making the most of startup accelerators. All this and more in our fifth retail wrap up. As always, if you came across anything interesting that we missed this week, let us know in the comments!


1. Omni-channel retail

Shopwave, enterprise-class iPad Point of Sale software, have big plans to shake up the omni-channel shopping experience. Omni-channel (a retailer giving customers a seamless experience across all channels, online or offline) takes up approximately 3% of annual retail budgets and it’s on the rise. The latest addition in the Guardian’s Shop Talk series, Shopwave features integrated payments, coupon capabilities, loyalty functions and an open API for retailers. We love what they’re doing. You will too: http://goo.gl/68eHN4

2. War of the words

CityShelf, a combined search tool for eight of New York’s indie bookstores that launched in December, want you to skip Amazon and buy straight from them. Amazon’s often depicted as the bad guy of the book world, selling books at cut-rate prices and finding countless ways to anger some book-lovers and authors alike (Philip Roth, James Patterson, Stephen Colbert, to name a few). With CityShelf you can go local and see what’s in stock near you and compare prices. Win win: http://goo.gl/RvEZwp

3. Mall profits on the up

It’s good business for malls at the moment: sales have risen each year since the recession, from $383 per square foot in 2009 to an estimated $478 in 2014, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers. And it’s all thanks to high-tech stores with high-price products for sale. Thank you Apple and Microsoft. More from the Wall Street journal: http://goo.gl/Me54xk

4. $30 Mill for Tradesy

Tradesy, essentially a niche eBay, raised another $30M to help expand their team and beef out their offering. Its site and app focus on the resale of luxury apparel and accessories, bringing many small bricks-and-mortar vintage stores into the mix. With so much of what we buy ending up as landfill, we’re huge fans of any reselling, upcycling or swapping based businesses. One person’s trash is anothers treasured designer handbag: http://goo.gl/uWtO4d

5. Fashion X Accelerators

River Island, which has around 300 fashion outlets worldwide, has joined Accenture and Land Securities to back TrueStart – a retail and consumer innovation accelerator. River Island will provide support and mentorship to entrepreneurs, in return for dibs on any of the retail innovations that come out of the lab. It’s a growing trend we’re seeing among retailers, who recognise the need to gain the competitive edge through fast and creative entrepreneurial endeavours. Who’ll be next? http://goo.gl/qBD2PW

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