6 Pieces of Technology Defining the Future of Retail

What happens when Google Glass meets Tesco? How do you decide which outfit to buy? How can I try things on virtually from the comfort of my home? These questions and more answered in this week’s retail wrap up. Enjoy!

1) Tesco X Google Glass

Actually walking up grocery aisles, checking your scribbled shopping list and feeling produce? Scrap that. The Google Glass app lets Tesco shoppers navigate aisles digitally. Currently, shoppers can use voice commands to search for Tesco products, assemble a virtual shopping cart of items, view nutritional info, and even place an order. What will they think of next? The full article here.

2) Mirror mirror

Neiman Marcus announced Thursday that it has installed a ‘Memory Mirror’ in its Walnut Creek, Calif. store. The magic mirror allows shoppers to compare in real time how different outfits look on them. After trying on clothes in the fitting room, a customer can head to the sales floor where the iPad-controlled “mirror” is located. The Washing Post has the scoop.

3) Next in tech for Sunglasses Hut 

There was a lot that excited this Luxottica brand at CES, namely virtual mobile shopping. They want to market to customers wherever they are and enable them to have the experience of trying on in store. That and their partnership with Google Glass – they don’t know what it will bring yet, but they’re excited! Hear it straight from Marketing Director, Todd Borgerson’s mouth.

4) Toshiba TCxAmplify

With Toshiba TCxAmplify built into the app of your favourite supermarket, you can scan your items on your phone as you put them in your cart. Once you’re finished shopping, you simply wave your phone in front of a computer. Your whole list of items is displayed on screen as though you just went through a traditional checkout aisle, and the loyalty program discounts have already been applied. You can then pay for it with a digital wallet like Apple Pay. Now that’s a time saver we can get behind. All the details here.

5) Swarm

We came across Swarm this week and love what they’re doing. Just pop their smart device on the wall of your store (it works right out of the box) and then measure the pulse of your business with dashboards that bring enterprise-level performance analytics. They were acquired by Groupon in November last year – definitely one to watch! Check them out.

6) RFID tagging

RFID tagging allows retailers to track their merchandise and improve stock accuracy, as well as yield insights into customer buying habits. They’re currently being trialled at Macy’s and Lululemon. The two retailers spoke at the recent NRF convention on their benefits. Discover them here.

That’s it for now! If we missed something, please share it in the comments!

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