Retail Wrap Up #3

2015 started with a bang: the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off on 6 Jan in Las Vegas, showcasing the latest tech innovations from the big and small players. There were self-driving cars, smartwatches and even a robot to help locate what you want in store. Our third retail wrap up features a few of our favourites from CES and also around the world. Top of our list? True Fit (who just raised $15M). They help you figure out what will suit your shape when shopping online, which means no more annoying return trips to the post office!

Share your news from the retail space in the commenst below!

1) Lowe’s Retail Robot

Lowe’s has developed “an autonomous retail service robot”, dubbed OSHbot, designed to help shoppers navigate the often-daunting task of home improvement. Currently in use in one of their San Jose stores, OSHbot helps shoppers quickly locate a product – just tell it (or show it) what you want and OSHbot will direct you to it. More here:

2) True Fit raises 15 million

Since being founded by Babson College graduates in 2007, True Fit has been working on improving our online shopping experience by addressing the one main deterrent to e-purchases: not knowing whether it will look good or not. By gathering billions of data points on various products and leveraging machine-learning technology, the Woburn startup can use algorithms to predict what will flatter a customer’s body type. Incredible. Read all about it here:

3) Automated Retailing System

The EndCap Automated Retailing System (ECARS), manufactured by AVT Inc, allows a customer to explore products via a touchscreen and checkout, all without having to hail a sales assistant. It’s been designed for tablet and other smart devices and is targeting big name stores, such as Walmart, Target and Bestbuy. All the details here:

4) Self Driving Cars and Smartwatches

There has been a lot of buzz around self-driving cars at this year’s CES –  but we’re still a long way from full autonomous driving (sorry about that). That said, one of the most exciting gadgets at the show came from Audi’s presentation, when Ulrich Hackenberg used an LG smart watch to summon a self-driving car to the stage. While a lot of the details are still shrouded in mystery, we thought that was pretty cool:

5) T1 Visions Interactive Touch Tables

T1Visions has developed interactive touch tables, currently active in Neiman and Marcus’ shoe departments across Austin, Texas; Topanga, California; and Chicago. The touchscreens allow customers and sales staff to browse and filter the stores stock inventory and even view upcoming products. Customers can also save items to their wishlist, which can be emailed with live product links for review:

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