Retail Wrap Up #2

The holiday period is always a crazy time in the retail space, and this year was no exception. A record 2.1 billion was spent in the Boxing Day sales, Aussies received 250 million worth of unwanted gifts, and the selfie sticks (or the “wand of narcissism” according to the ABC) seemed to weasel their way beneath every christmas tree out there. Fitbits were a close second; their site crashed when everyone logged on during Christmas Day to register their fitness bands. Why anyone would want to begin their exercise tracking and calorie monitoring before Christmas lunch is beyond us. So in the spirit of the season just passed, we bring you our second retail wrap-up featuring the best the best in retail tech from the holidays. Enjoy!


1)    Gift Finder

Argos launched an app called “The Gift Finder”, which allows people to like or dislike specific products by swiping left or right. It’s like Tinder for presents. The app uses these responses to determine an individual’s personality type and then provides a list of gifts based on people who share the same personality:

2)    Recipes for the Online Shopper

IFTTT, is doing something particularly interesting for the holiday season: they’ve partnered with some big retailers, such as Etsy and Ebay, to create “custom recipes” which simultaneously aim to help users pounce on hard-to-find gifts and ensure they are getting the best deals. e.g. “If [insert hard to find gift] comes into stock at Best Buy, then send me a text message/email.” Find out how:

3)    eShopGiver

This is a website we urge everyone to get behind – it is literally the gift that keeps on giving. Any purchase made on this site, whether it is a gift for loved ones or just yourself, sees an automatic donation (totaling 25% of a purchase) to community projects worldwide for no extra cost. Socially conscious shopping, what’s not to love?

4)    Amazon Haggling

This is exactly what it sounds like – Amazon has introduced a ‘Make an Offer” button to certain items, introducing more flexible pricing to the e-commerce platform. Who doesn’t love a bargain!  Read more here:

Did you spot something you loved in the retail space over Christmas? Share it in the comments below!

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