Retail Wrap Up #1

There’s so much going on in the retail tech space: beacons, curbside pickup, mobile payment, click and collect, augmented reality mirrors, the list goes on. To keep it nice and simple, we’ll be compiling a weekly roundup of some of the most interesting developments, announcements, new products and apps we’ve come across, so that you can be kept in the loop. This week, the arrival of mesh beacons and augmented reality mirrors are the future of retail!

1. Mesh Beacons

Early next year, Paris-based company Ubudu is launching in the U.S. what it says is the first implementation of mesh beacons, called uBeacon Mesh. They allow a much wider range of opportunities that wouldn’t be possible with conventional beacons. Find out why:

2. IKEA reimagined

This digital project by creative agency, Infusion, is what the future of in-store shopping could look like. There’s are gophers (wirelessly paired personal assistants to help you every step of the way), interactive walls, and a designer-led experience where you can learn the history and inspiration behind a piece. And that’s just the beginning:

3. Zero inventory in stores

Could this be the way of the future? Immersive visualisation technologies are allowing customers to instantly ‘see’ an entire catalogue of products, experience them in their intended setting and help them find the perfect style. The amount of inventory required on the floor can be reduced to make way for other initiatives and a more customer-centric experience:

4. All made up

Sephora launches world-first augmented reality mirror that adds virtual makeup to user’s face in both real-time and 3D using technology from ModiFace :

5. ‘Minority Report’ shopping technology

New systems will be able to know what products you’re looking at, when you’re looking at them, track your movements through a store, and even detect your mood:

If you have any interesting retail news, we’d love you to share it with us in the comments!

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