booodl it.

Welcome to the Booodl It blog! Nice to meet you.

First up, an introduction. We’ve been working on this project for a few months now from our little office in Sydney, Australia, and we’re very excited to share it with you. Booodl It (coming soon to the App Store and Google Play) is a smart lifestyle app that helps you buy the products you want.

It works by adding items you want to your list, and getting notifications when they’re stocked at a store near you. So, for example, imagine you want a new pair of Nike free runs in black. To start, you add them to your list (by scanning a barcode or inputting some details). A few days later you find yourself in the Sydney CBD for a meeting and you get a notification to your phone reminding you that you can buy that pair you want around the corner. With that will come directions and a number you can quickly call to double check they’re in stock. It’s that simple.

We’ll be getting more sophisticated by the day, to the point that you’ll be able to swipe-and-buy en route to the store and just pick up your purchase. Stay tuned for that feature!

Our thinking is that we’ve got so many things going on at any given time that remembering to buy that product we’ve been wanting isn’t top of mind. This is just one little way you can keep track of your wants and purchases, to save time, headspace and hassle.

We’re building out our group of pilot users in Sydney as we speak, and we’d LOVE for you to be part of it from the beginning. Just head to our homepage and enter your email to be the first to booodl it.

Over the coming months we’ll be using the blog to tell you about great stores, cool new shopping discovery apps, and give you shopping guides to your area. We’ll also keep you updated on all things Booodl It and how we’re tracking.

We’re building it for you and we want you to love it, so if there’s anything you want to see more or less, tell us. We won’t bite.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.41.58 AM

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